LifeCurve FAQs - Frequently asked questions about The LifeCurve and the LifeCurve app

Are ADL Smartcare and the LifeCurve the same/Do ADL Smartcare own the LifeCurve?

The LifeCurve was created by and is owned by ADL Smartcare Ltd. It is based on research conducted at Newcastle University on the Compression of Functional Decline.

Can use/incorporate the LifeCurve in my work?

If you wish to use the LifeCurve messaging or brand in your work, please contact us for a branding guide. Alternatively if you'd like to become a partner within the LifeCurve App, or are interested in our LifeCurve Pro and Public tools, please contact ADL Smartcare.

Where can I access the research paper on which the LifeCurve is based on?

The paper 'New horizons in the compression of functional decline' is downloadable through this link (opens in a new window). 

When will the LifeCurve app be ready?

The LifeCurve app is due to be released this summer. Sign up for updates and we'll let you know when it's ready for you to start your path to better ageing. You can sign up for updates on the app information page.

Will my old LifeCurve login work on the new app?

If you have a login for the legacy LifeCurve app, this will not be compatible with our new development. It's quick and easy to onboard in our new app, and get straight to the LifeCurve and other healthy ageing goals.

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