Beat The LifeCurve

Staying healthy and active has never been easier.

Everyone’s LifeCurve is different, but there’s almost always room for improvement.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to join a gym or buy a bike to slow your decline and start beating The LifeCurve.
The Lifecurve can help you to live better for longerThe Lifecurve can help you to age better for longer
There are limitless ways to live independently for longer through simple exercises, small changes to your routine and the help of assistive equipment and technology.

A few minutes each day will do it. The LifeCurve app will provide you with specific advice that is safe and suitable for your needs at a time when you most need it.
Our super-simple LifeCurve loop is your route to success
Just complete it and repeat!
How to beat the LifeCurve
The LifeCurve loop explained:


Take our simple 2-minute yes/no quiz, developed by experts to assess your ability to complete 15 everyday tasks.


See your current position on The LifeCurve and compare yourself to others your age.


Use our information and resources to understand your position and create a personalised plan for beating The LifeCurve.


Follow your personalised plan, which might combine exercise, advice and simple changes to your everyday lifestyle. Don’t forget, a few new daily habits can really improve your LifeCurve position.

Need Inspiration?

Read our real-life stories about people who’ve improved the shape of their LifeCurve. 
Watch the videos below for guidance and inspiration:
Need inspiration about The LifeCurve?

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Not on The LifeCurve yet?

Beating The LifeCurve is easier than you think!

Around 20 minutes of low-level daily exercise is all it takes, and half that if you try a little harder.
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